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So What is The Difference Between SEM and SEO?

SEM and SEO are Two Similar Yet Different Practices

If you are building a website or internet based business you should learn the differences between Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, and Search Engine Marketing, or SEM.  These two approaches are very important when you are allocating money to put towards your digital marketing budget. SEO concentrates on building organic traffic to your website based on keywords and search engine algorithms. SEM revolves around using keywords to invest advertising funds to buy clicks from paid search services like google AdWords. When a Vancouver SEO company combines these two approaches it turns them into an extremely powerful marketing system.

What іѕ SEO?

SEO is a set of strategies to make your website more accessible to search engines and improves your chances of being listed in the first pages of those search engines.

The goal of any SEO is to get your website ranked highly on a search engine based on the keywords you set forth, along with some keyword, research.  These search engines are normally Google, Yahoo and Bing.  Not many users go past the first few pages of any search engine and even less don’t go past the first. So when a website has good SEO it will often show up on the first page of these search engines.

Then what is SEM?

SEM is a far wider term when compared to SEO, though the two are used interchangeably sometimes. They both focus on driving traffic to a website but they both have difference approaches. SEO focuses on building organic traffic through making the website more visible to search engines while SEM focuses on building high power paid advertising based on high value keywords.

SEM offers you the possibility of getting traffic, and therefore earnings, to your website through thte use of keyword based Pay Per Click services like Google AdWords and other paid keyword based ad services.

As such SEM encompasses both the SEO of the website and the search based paid advertising your company puts forward.

Okay so what is the difference?

They difference there between these two is the web site’s search engine optimization is only one part of a search engine marketing system. Search engine marketing encompasses all search based marketing strategies from SEO to PPC and others.

SEM is a wider tem than SEO, but do not downplay the importance of a good SEO, organic search makes up a vast majority of a website’s traffic and should not be downplayed simply because it is only a part of SEM.